President of FoxMind, David Capon ( PROTOTYPE BOX DESIGN)

President of FoxMind, David Capon (PROTOTYPE BOX DESIGN)

With the winning press release in hand, I began contacting game companies to see if they were interested in a maze game concept. Within a month I had three prototypes out, and two months later I had a license agreement with FoxMind

Having no idea how to pursue companies or license agreements, I did quite a bit of research and reached out to individuals in the industry for advice. I wrote a short ebook detailing the steps: 

  1. Have a spectacular game you believe in
  2. Create a presentation and/or video of your game
  3. Identify toy companies and key contacts
  4. Submit a short description of your game to see if there is interest
  5. Send additional information to interested companies
  6. Send a prototype when requested
  7. Follow up and wait for feedback
  8. Review and sign a license agreement! 
Maze Racers on barnes & noble store shelves

Maze Racers on barnes & noble store shelves

If you have a game idea, I encourage you to try the above steps. Steven Reece, CEO of VICI, gave me the following advice:
"Often it's what the designer doesn't know which enables their eventual success…The most powerful factor for toy/game inventors in an industry literally flooded with concepts is, and will always be the combination of passion and tenacity found in those who succeed."