Be one of the first to play Maze Racers, as we premier it at Gen Con, and then rate the game on Board Game Geek.
If you plan to attend Gen Con (July 30 - Aug 2), please stop by and say hello, we'd love to meet you!
Contact us on Twitter @MazeRacers

Play Maze Racers - Convention Center Hall D: Green, Tables 23-24
BGM1574383    Fri @ 1:00 PM            
BGM1574384    Fri @ 7:00 PM    
BGM1574385    Sat @ 1:00 PM    
BGM1574386    Sat @ 7:00 PM    
BGM1574387    Sun @ 11:00 AM
We will also tweet when we are in the 'Pick-Up Play Area' (A.K.A. Open Gaming), Rooms 101-106 of the Convention Center on "Wabash East".
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Free Seminar - Crowne Plaza (adjacent to Convention Center): Victoria Station Meeting Room
SEM1574379    Fri @ 3:00 PM  
"The $5000 Cereal Box Maze: A How-To on Game Licensing"